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Pinpoint Marketing Japan Inc.

1. For those who are thinking of acquiring a Japanese company

There are many wonderful companies in Japan. However, due to the aging and declining population, many companies have no successors.

If you are looking for a Japanese company to buy, please let us do the research for you and we will create a short list and a long list from over 1,000,000 companies that would be suitable for your company.

If necessary, we can also conduct an interview to confirm your intention to sell, without revealing your company's name.

2. To purchasing managers looking for products in Japan

Please give us a brief description of the product you are looking for. We will find a Japanese company that has the product you are looking for and connect you with them.

3. To those who are thinking of entering the Japanese market

We, Pinpoint Marketing Japan Inc, are a consulting company that develops overseas sales channels for Japanese products. On the other hand, we also help foreign companies develop sales channels in Japan.

We will be your initial sales partner to develop the Japanese market.

As you may know, Japan is not a market that foreigners can easily enter in the short term due to language and cultural barriers.

We work with a wide range of Japanese companies and have a database. We can build the right sales channel for your product.

Initially we basically act as sales reps. We would like to discuss with you the ratio of retainer fee and contingency fee.

Please contact us first. We will give you free advice on whether there is a market in Japan and whether we can handle your business.

Pinpoint Marketing Japan Inc.